Making handicapped sports more normal (and renumerative)

It goes without saying that interest in the gender-handicapped version of a sport which require classical athleticism will always be lower than the regular, openly competitive version.

However lady athletes are undoubtedly being held back in what interest they could draw by the counterproductive pressures of competition. The classic example is gymnastics- a competition which fundamentally draws on grace and femininity. Noone benefits when competitors are encouraged to unnaturally starve themselves to maintain the figure of a 10 year old girl.


The sensible solution seems clear. It is clearly wrong to penalize women for not adhering to a perverse, unnatural ideal which suppresses their femininity. Where this is at all possible, women’s sports should move towards a system similar to that employed in the sport of boxing, with A, B, C, and D(+) cup division levels. The full natural beauty of women will be acknowledged and ratings will skyrocket.

Making handicapped sports more normal (and renumerative)